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Major Project: Commodity

Hi everyone! Since my last post I have changed my ideas on what I was going to do as my Major Project. Since we now are in the Commodity phase of MP I will start by presenting my new idea and after the commodity plan.

As you may all know, I’m from Lisbon and so I decided it would be a good ideia to develop a website about iconic garment and accessories stores in Lisbon. The main purpose of the website is mainly to promote these old stores with history to tourists and also Portuguese people from or outside Lisbon.

In order to define my target audience I created three user personas which represent the general type of people that is most likely to search for my website.

User Personas

Charlotte Rose, 35 years old

Charlotte Rose is a history teacher based in London who loves photography and travelling. In the last few months she has been planning her next trip that will be in Portugal, Lisbon.

Because Lisbon is a city with a lot of history, Charlotte wants to discover all beautiful places hidden in the city. So she thought about visiting some old stores and probably buy something especial and memorable for her or her family.

Also, because of her passion for photography Charlotte seeks to find the best places to take photos. And these old stores can also be interesting to take some pictures.

José Neves, 28 years old

José Neves is an engineer based in Lisbon who also loves to travel and watch old movies. About a year ago when he visited Chile he met some friends that sooner will be visiting him in Lisbon.

Some of his Chile friends are women and so one of his ideas is to show them some nice and different places in Lisbon. And why not these old iconic garment stores?

José searched and found my website that will help him choosing the best stores to show his friends when walking around the city.

Raquel Soares, 24 years old

Raquel Soares is a master student from Oporto, a Portuguese city in the north of Portugal. For her masters one the tasks is to study how old stores have an impact on tourists experience and so Raquel wants to go to the Portuguese capital to find out more about it.

Why will she search for my website?

My website can help her explore some of the stores present in Lisbon and also discovering more details about each of them such as history, photos, curiosities and contact informations.

Target Audience

After presenting the user personas, I define my target audience in two main categories:

  • Tourists: Those ones who want to feel and Portuguese traditional commerce on accessories and garment field.
  • Portuguese people: Especially those from other cities from Portugal visiting Lisbon and with a passion for culture, history or architecture.

Website organisation


On the homepage the user will have a menu nav bar, a video about Lisbon, Press last news about the stores and they will also have the menu categories in images.

Store page

Each store will include features such as: store history, photographies (if possible also old photographies in the beginning of the store), type of product they sell as well as brands, map location and contact information.

In each store page, it will be suggested other stores around people can visit in the same day trip.

Search categories

There will be available six ways on how the user can determine his search:

  • Building architecture
  • Portuguese product
  • Portuguese well-known brand
  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Accessories

For more details you can visit my website and watch my presentation!

Thank you 🙂

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