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Major Project – Concept

After reflecting about which website I should develop as a Major Project I decided I wanted to do something related to fashion advice.

My idea is to create a website where women can improve the way they dress based on cities in the world. Cities that have evolved in a unique way and are a reference for millions of people in the world.

And how will I do this?

First, I would like to create a small quiz where users can answer to some questions about their lifestyle, interests and their influencers (people, brands, and clothing). After they answer the questions the result will show them which city fits them best.

For the results I will have a total number of eight cities (more or less) and each result will contain information about: brief city history, environment and geography, style evolution,  trends, shared youtube videos (about culture and style) and social media influencers.

Here are the cities I have chosen (to begin): Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angels and Barcelona. 

Other aspect is that people don’t need to answer the quiz to access the information but can go directly to the main content.

I also want to add a category on the website, a chat for example, where people can send messages asking me for advice on how to improve their wardrobe or where to buy a specific style of clothing.

Feel free to comment and to give your opinion about what you think! 🙂


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