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3 Examples of Websites with Good Colour Scheme

Hi! In this post I will present you three examples of websites with a good colour scheme.

Domino’s website

The colour scheme of this website is really nice. The main colours are blue, red and white. At a first sight we probably would not match them but in reality, this blue colour with the red goes very well.

The red colour is used just in some details. The titles are in blue. And the background is white.

Here is a colour scheme of the website:

Colour scheme of Domino’s website.

Hermès website

Unlike the previous example, this site uses more pastel shades, which match the brand image. Hermès is a luxury brand and so have opted for more neutral and light tones. The background colour traduces softness and calmness.

Hermès colour scheme.

Anderson & Sheppard website

When I was searching for websites with a good colour scheme I found this one I really appreciated. Anderson & Sheppard is an english high quality bespoke tailor based in London.

Anderson & Sheppard’s website

I like the colour scheme for the following reasons:

  • The red wine colour matches the identity of the brand, which is a vintage style.
  • It transmites passion, adventure and elegance.
  • They opted to add a transparency which gives the site more light.
  • The typeface colour is a lightly grey (named Gainsboro) better than white, to reduce the colour contrast.

Here is a colour scheme of the website:

Anderson & Sheppard’s website colour scheme

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