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Three Examples of Beautiful Typography

This week we started talking about typography and how important it is for a website.

In this post I will show three examples of websites with beautiful typography and explain my choice.

Xavier Bourdil’s website

This is Xavier Bourdil’s website, a freelance art director based in Nouméa, New Caledonia.

7 reasons why I think this website has a beautiful typography:

  • I like the typeface chosen for the titles, which traduces simplicity and modernity;
  • The paragraphs have small font-size and not to much text;
  • The colours chosen are essentially black and grey;
  • The typeface selected suits the content;
  • The website has just 2 typefaces: one for headings and another for the body;
  • The text is left-align which provides better reading for the user.
  • The website has well-organised information.

We Ain’t Plastic website

5 reasons why I like this website‘s typography:

  • Here we can see a good interplay between typefaces and font-sizes which creates a good visuality in the website;
  • The typeface used it’s a sans serif-font which facilitates the user reading;
  • How the text is organised;
  • Soft-colours used;
  • The typeface used to name the icons is very-well chosen.

Le Printemps du Polar website

This is an infographic presentation for Agatha Christie’s book.

3 reasons why I think this website has beautiful typography:

  • Original typeface used for the headings and body that matches the website content;
  • Good example of serif font;
  • How typography goes well with the colours.

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